Our history

From humble beginnings in Denmark - to global
leader in Sodium Chondroitin Sulfate.

Our history

history-bg.pngThe Company’s original business concept, derived from the company's founder, meatpacker Viggo Østergaard, who wanted to convert slaughterhouse waste into valuable pharmaceutical products.

The company started in 1950 with a production of Heparin, used for inhibition of blood coagulation, and plasma for animal feed. The production took place in the buildings belonging to Copenhagen Slaughter Houses – the Meat City ­– to secure a stable supply of raw materials.

In 1955, production was acquired and the group Biofac A/S was founded with the goal of using nature's own raw materials for the production of active ingredients, primarily for the veterinary, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry. During the following years, ingredients such as Stabilized Rumen Extract and Intrinsic Factor were developed.

The facilities in Esbjerg, Denmark was established in 1998 by Biofac A/S and was purchased by the Japanese company Zeria Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. in 2010. It now serves as ZPD corporate headquarters and primary production facility.

Today ZPD is an recognized actor in the production of high quality Sodium Chondroitin Sulfate for the pharmaceutical,  veterinary and food industries.

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